In short, I cannot say enough good things about Jeni, both as a person and as a professional doula. When I considered hiring a doula and began my search, I knew it was vital that it be a “good fit.”  I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant at the time, but upon speaking with Jeni, I immediately knew she would be the perfect addition to my birth team. We just “clicked.” Jeni had a warmth and sincerity that I could feel instantly, but we also laughed and connected over different things outside of pregnancy. She listened to all of my labor concerns and fears and gave me the confidence that it would go well and be great. Together, we worked to let go of those fears before the birth, and I was honestly only able to do that because I had so much confidence that she was entirely in my corner. My labor was so much beyond what I could have ever hoped it would be. I attribute that to the excellent care and comfort that Jeni provided to me, as well as my husband. She fit seamlessly into the labor room and knew all of the ways to ease both my body and my mind. It gave me so much peace of mind having her there that I largely contributed my healthy and successful labor to her. Labor is extraordinarily intimate, and it could sound strange having someone you don’t know be such a big part of the process. This was not the case with Jeni. She was instantly a part of our family the moment she walked in the delivery room door. Jeni knew exactly what to do in every moment, and because of the comfort and confidence she provided, I felt safe and well-cared for. After delivery, knowing I was supported in my postpartum and breastfeeding was comforting as well. This journey can feel overwhelming, but having Jeni by my side made it calm and wonderful. My husband and I will forever hold a very special place in our hearts for Jeni, and a huge amount of respect for the work she does. Thank you, Jeni!